Love like that..

My paternal grandparents were married for at least 90 years,and even though they did not show it much,I know they really loved each other,just a few hours apart will make them anxious.

When my grandfather passed away due to pneumonia,we could see how heartbroken my grandmother was and about 2 weeks later,she also succumbed to pneumonia.

Today is my second anniversary with my wife,and even though I doubt that we can surpass my grandparents time together but I pray that we can have the experience of marriage like they did.

But unlike during their time,we are living in a more challenging time,and maintaining a marriage and raising generation Alphas will present problems never seen before the Internet age.

May Allah bless us with happiness.


4 thoughts on “Love like that..

  1. All indicications point to a good start in your married life including an early family. It is hard to think of one better. Just keep up with what you need to do in a natural way and all will be there when you reach your grandparents’ age.

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