A glance post GE13…

The election is over…and we have to move on.
At first glance the results doesn’t seem to be much different than before but still as a nation we have changed:

1) Results shows that we are moving towards a two party system,not the most effective democratic practice but better than what we had for the last 5 decades.Most independents/not associated to BN or PR lost their deposits.Though some very good politicians like Saifuddin Abdullah fell victim to the 2 party system,a great lost for us.

2) Racial politics are slowly being shunned off,some race based parties are nearly wiped off and unlikely to recover..ever..only their names will still be registered under ROS.

3) New generation of voters emerged, most of the young voters can explain the reasons of them voting,and healthy debates are rampant in social media (though some morons shows up once in a while in our news feed)

4) Political extremist are being purged out of politics,leaving mostly moderate@ pseudo-moderate candidates.I really hope the media will stop interviewing these morons…It’s not funny any more.

5) Most of the winners really had to fight for their seats,so no more cruising or idling till the next election,a plus for the people.

So,I do hope we can see more mature politics the next time around..and definitely more capable people leading the way..the gears have been greased and ready to turn any-time ..Be grateful that we are living in an interesting time!


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