Rise against Racism…

Years of living outside Malaysia taught me that racism is the worst kind of stupidity.

Post GE13 there are some quarters that are trying to promote something that I see as “Nazi” like factions in the Malay community.
They are trying to divide the country into two via “us”versus “them” ideology, spreading worthless facts and testimonials(come on..anyone can make up one).

The mainstream media have brought out their worst yesterday with their most Racist headlines ever(though they can still go worse at this rate) complete with pictures and quotes.
If they think that is good journalism,some of the editors should be sent to school again,from kindergarten…my daughter’s daycare are excellent at this too..

But there is hope,the rise of the real “Middle Malaysia” is rampant too,younger people who actually went outside and became friends with each other are fighting for a united Malaysia without racial tension.

People are realising that they need to voice out too and yesterday it bring me to tears when I heard that some of my close friends(from different races) are actually joining organisations to promote racial harmony and they vouched to work together for a better nation.
After being shoved again and again with the racial propagandas from the media and “leaders”, they felt that is their last resort for the sake of everyone.

I hope there will be a proper NGO with no political affiliations formed soon,so that everyone who are against racism can rise and fight…make it “Us” versus “The Racists”, believe me that there are not many of them, at least not yet.
It is now our civil duty to speak up against racism whenever there’s a moron trying to bring it up..

Pray for the best…

I noticed that some of the Malay chauvinists are not even pure blood(from the way they look),I hear that sometimes they refer themselves as “contemporary Malays “.

As someone who can trace my Malay lineage for at least 20 generations this baffles me,and I suggest that they should take DNA tests to prove that they are actually a Malay before claiming to be one and prosecuting others for not being one..I offer my blood for the control..
I am a Malay and I am against racism..


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